Make money while you travel

Making money while you travel is the best way to earn money. The passive income always helps you to make money while you’re not working, isn’t that great to make money while you’re not working? Absolutely yes, you can sit back, relax and enjoy life. Seriously, why do you want to spend your whole life … Read more

Make money while you sleep

Making money while you sleep is the best way to earn money. It’s so much better than waking up early in the morning to go to work and work as a slave to earn money. If you’re an employee, you will have to wake up early in the morning like 6:00 am to sacrifice yourself … Read more

Dealing loneliness in isolation

How to deal with loneliness in isolation. A lot of people are stuck at home, can’t go out and can’t see their friends because of the coronavirus. Everyone should be in quarantine until the coronavirus is over. We don’t know when is it going to be over. In this situation right now, it is time … Read more

Work from home businesses (online business)

Everyone is on isolation and staying at home because of the coronavirus. Everyone should be quarantined and work from home if they got work to do. Some people work from home and some people don’t have a job, but everyone is worried about not having a job. It’s normal to be worried about not having … Read more

How to stay motivated when you lost your job

A lot of people lost their jobs because of the coronavirus, everything got to be shut down and some people work from home. What are you going to do when you lost your job? Is it the end and that’s it? Is this something you should be worried about? Don’t panic if you lost your … Read more

4 simple tricks to stay motivated everyday

Motivation is not a magical solution to all your problems. It won’t guarantee you with promotion and it won’t stop you from failing a test. A lot of people think a little motivation means success, it will fall into their lap but that isn’t how it works. You see motivation isn’t the answer, it isn’t … Read more

Learning from my mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. This is a blog about the mistakes I make on my online business that I can learn from it. I want to share with everyone the mistakes I make so we can help each other. I have a learning curve that I can share with you. I … Read more

Step out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is your enemy, it’s to stop you from succeeding and hold you back. What’s holding you back? What’s making you unproductive? What’s destroying your motivation? Your comfort zone is holding you back, making you unproductive and destroying your motivation. People that are not productive is because they’re in their comfort zone, they … Read more

7 habits that are destroying your motivation

We all got habits that are destroying your motivation. We all got goals to set, but the habits are destroying your motivation to achieve your goals. The habits that are destroying your motivation for success. They are your distraction is to hold you back, stop you from succeeding and keep you in the same situation. … Read more

5 bad habits that destroy your success

We all got habits of doing something. When you get the habit, you get into the routine and it becomes an addiction. When you get the habits of doing something, you get used to of it and you cannot stop yourself from doing it. You will end up doing the same thing over and over … Read more