How to get out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is like a bubble where you stay inside the bubble, you can’t get out and fight for it. Comfort zone gives you: Security Relaxing Comfortability You’re too comfortable to stay in your comfort zone No freedom Gives you laziness to not succeed Makes you do not want to do anything to achieve … Read more

Saving money is not going to make you rich

A lot of people are saving money to try and not to spend too much money. What are you saving for? Your not going to get rich if you save money. It’s good to save money but if you focus on saving all the time, your never will get rich. No matter how much you … Read more

Employees mindset that time is money

Time is money if your an employee because employees gets paid by time. Employees gets paid by the hours they work and the times they work. For an example you work in the warehouse as a picker and packer, your lifting boxes and taking the boxes to a different place, your getting paid per hour … Read more

Employees mentality Vs entrepreneurs mentality

The difference between employees and entrepreneurs are completely different. They both got different mentality, employees takes hard work to earn loads of money, entrepreneurs takes actions and make loads of money by results. Employees mentality will think the only way to make money is get a job, sell your time for money, work like a … Read more

Achieving your goals to get to what you want

Can you afford a nice car? Does your job pays you enough to buy a nice car? A lot of employees bought a new car and after that, their broke because their job doesn’t pay them enough. Some people buys the car on finance, they pay monthly for the car. After they been paying all … Read more