Marketing strategies Internet

Today I’m going to talk about marketing strategies on the internet on different platforms.

I’m going to talk about different services where you can sign up with the platform like a Wealthy Affiliate for example.

I am using a Wealthy Affiliate to create this website through Wealthy Affiliate training.

You can use any platforms to start an online business to create your website, writing blogs, promoting products and services.

1. Two different companies

Today I’m going to talk about the two different services or platforms where you can sign up for an online business for marketing.

Click on here to sign up for free.
Click on here to sign up.

The difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Entrepreneur now, it’s a different company, different platform and services.

Don’t get confused between the two services because they are completely different companies and services.

Wealthy Affiliate you sign up for free, a week later, you have to pay for the premium either monthly or yearly membership.

It’s entirely up to you to pay for the Wealthy Affiliate membership monthly or yearly, there’s no right or wrong to pay for the membership as long as you are satisfied with your decision.

If you’re serious about starting an online business to achieve your goals, you’re on the right website and the right blog post for you to get started.

You can choose the two different companies to sign up with, the Wealthy Affiliate is for free until the week after you have to pay for premium, the Entrepreneur now is not for free because you have to pay to sign up, and become a member and there’s more risk involved to be an entrepreneur.

You can find out more about Entrepreneur now by click on that link.

The founder of Entrepreneur now is Ken Burke if you click on that link to find out more information about the platform, you will know more about the platform and how you can achieve your goals.

2. The choice of choosing the platform

So I was talking about the two platforms where you can sign up for your entrepreneurship in the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Entrepreneur now.

The difference between the two platforms that I mentioned here is one is to sign up for free, one is to sign up not for free because if you sign up for Entrepreneur now, the founder of Entrepreneur now will be making a lot of money.

In fact, the founder of Entrepreneur now is making money every day even while he’s asleep.

Anyone who pays to sign up for the platform, the founder of the platform will be making money.

The choice is yours to choose the two platforms between Wealthy Affiliate or Entrepreneur now.

Remember, don’t get confused between the two platforms because they are different companies.

3. Online business

Have you ever asked yourself why do you want to start an online business?

  1. Is it because you want to make money to pay your bills?
  2. Is it because you want to have financial freedom?
  3. Is it because you want to have more time to enjoy life and freedom?
  4. Is it because you want to get out of your corporate job and start your own business?
  5. Is it because you want to buy your dream car like a BMW M5?
  6. Is it because you’re not happy with your job and you want to change your life to have a better life?
  7. Is it because you want to move out and live in your dream place?
  8. Is it because you want to go on your dream holiday like Dubai?
  9. Is it because you want to make money to support your families?
  10. Is it because you want to get rich?

Which are those questions on the list that relates to your questions on why you want to start an online business? Comment below and tell me why you want to start an online business, what are the strategy can help you to achieve your goals for your online business to be successful.

We all want to achieve our goals to be successful, be happier and have more freedom, but online business is not as easy as what you think it is, you have to put in the work to it to make your dreams come true.

Don’t just start an online business to be an entrepreneur, and expect to get rich tomorrow, it doesn’t work like that, you have to put the work into it because it’s a business, not a get rich fast scheme.

Entrepreneurship is nothing like gambling where you bet money, hoping to win lots of money and get rich. Gambling is a bad habit that will not make you rich. People get addicted to gambling to win loads of money, but they have more chance to lose than winning because it’s too risky and you can go broke when you lose all your money from your hard earnings. Wealthy Affiliate and Entrepreneur now is nothing like gambling, it’s a business for you to work from home, promote products and services to make money.

If you want to make money, don’t gamble because gambling is a bad habit, it won’t make you rich, it won’t make you happy and it won’t solve your problems.

If you want to make money, you have to work hard and smart with the right mindset.

4. How affiliate marketing works

This is how affiliate marketing works, you create a website, a niche or industry like a personal development blog to help people to get motivated. When you created a website, you write a blog to promote the products from affiliate programs like Amazon associate or share a sale and many other affiliate programs. When you get traffic on your website, the customers buy the products through your website by clicking on the affiliate links, you earn a commission and that’s how you make money online.

It sounds so easy to do, but when you’re actually promoting products to sale on your website, you have to write a blog that can get the customer’s attention and make them want to buy the products through your website.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate will provide all the training for you to watch in your own time.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can click on here to found out more about Wealth Affiliate.

The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog and I hope you find this informative, feel free to share it on social media for anyone who wants to achieve their goals, who are ambitious and want to get better in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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  1. This was interesting to read about the difference between a free learning site and a pre-paid learning platform. One that makes the owner money even if you don’t use it. I don’t like the idea of paying before I try, it has never been a great idea and you can easily get ripped off. I’ve heard lots of good things about Wealthy Affiliate and now that I have read your information I will check it out.

  2. You have given comprehensive advice on a number of aspects of choosing the right platform and the different services that they provide. You also helped me make my decision. I got particularly more interested in applying for Wealthy Affiliate because you sign up for free. Now I know which platform to choose! Thank you for this incredible work. For me and my website, I have come across your article and website at a very convenient time!

  3. Thank you for your review of how affiliate marketing works.  I have a question about Entrepreneur now.  You say that Entrepreneur now is a completely different service to wealthy affiliate but, could elaborate on how it is different.  Weathy affiliate provides a platform to build an affiliate marketing website based on WordPress, how does Entrepreneur now work?

  4. Hello dear, tthanks for sharing these concise article with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online, I believe these article was amazing, your website has been helpful to me, in all we’ve said today I’ll say your article has been of great quality, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  5. I like the comparison you made with the Entrepreneurship and Gambling. Yes, entrepreneurship entails risks. But the risks depends on your own effort. The only risk you have in not achieving your goal is when you stop believing in yourself and in your ability to make things happen. The challenges will come along the way if you stop you lose. 

    This is how I compare the entrepreneurship with gambling. You will definitely SUCCEED if you stay in the game of real entrepreneurship. But you will definitely LOSE if you stay in the game of gambling. 

    I also recommend the Wealthy Affiliate for Online Entrepreneurship. This is the best platform you can ever find around the internet. 

  6. Affiliate marketing is as easy as it can get to start your own business but there is also a catch. Since its so easy most people think that they can get a lot of money fast also which could not be more far from the truth. It needs lots of time, lots of work and lots of determination to make your own business a successful one. And most people get disappointed when they don’t see results in a couple of months….

  7. Thank you for your article,

    I enjoyed reading your information and completely agree with what you have written. I have been part of the WA family and does not claim to be a ‘get rich scheme’. What is does do is give you a choice to join once you have tested and also the necessary tools to be a success. One of the best teachings for me is that it is set up to help people which is what I like the most.

  8. The marketing strategies on the internet by comparing wealthy affiliate and entrepreneur now, it an eye opener that helps the prospective online job  seekers to understand which system will be more convenience  and  profitable to them.

    i am really happy to see that you pointed out some high rated affiliate platforms,  it will help tons of people to make the right choice of affiliate program. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  9. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains useful informations one can hold on to. I was referred by a friend earlier to engage in wealthy affiliate and i must say ever since i started it i have no regrets whatsoever.

  10. Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts between the two platform is indeed invaluable. My friend will definitely finds this article useful, as he has been contemplating between the two platforms which one of them he will sign up to. I will definitely do some recommendations and refer him to this article for more clarity. Regards


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