How to increase your wealth (make more money)

Want to make more money?
Want to make more money?

Everyone loves to have money in their lives so they can do what they want in life.

Some say money is not everything depends what you use it for. Money is important in life because you need money for living. Money is important in a certain degree, not saying you need million pounds of money, don’t mean by that, just have enough for yourself, your families, your car and your house.

You got a roof that covers your head which is good enough for you to live. You need money to pay your bills for your house to live, pay tax, pay insurance for your house and car and etc.

Unhappy & unfulfilled

People are not fulfilled and not happy of what they got because they don’t get paid enough in their job, they getting paid by the hours they work and getting paid by salary. Not enough for their house to pay especially if your living in a expensive place and you be broke if you continue working in the same old way, selling your time for money.

It’s frustrating when your working in a job that doesn’t pay you enough for your house to pay especially if you got loads of debts to pay. No one wants to work like a slave and building someone’s dream to make the rich richer and the poor gets poorer. It’s not the way it is in life. We all want get to what we really want to get enough money to pay the whole house, get more freedom, spend time with families and enjoy life. You can leverage your time with money.

Achieving your goals (to get to what you want to be)

We all want to get to what we want in life so that you can buy your dream car and dream house (the luxury) which is what you like and enjoy.

Go on nice holidays, away from home, enjoy life and travel around the world and get to know different cultures.

It’s good to have the freedom when your not working in a job that you hate and not passion about. You can have more time to spend with your friends and families. Your more sociable with your friends when your not working in your day job, more time for yourself to do what you like doing such as hobbies and your more happy.

You can spend more time on your fitness like going to the gym, swimming, go hiking, running and many other exercise that can keep you fit for your free time.

You have more motivation to achieve your goals in fitness when your not working.

  1. Your not so tired when your not working
  2. You got more time to train
  3. Motivation to train
  4. Got more energy
  5. More positive to train
  6. Don’t have to worry about paying for the gym membership every month
  7. Your more in the mood to exercise
  8. Your much more healthier
  9. You get enough sleep
  10. Your not stuck

This is why some people got no motivation to go to the gym and workout or go out for a run because of work. Your job is like holding you back, stopping you from progressing.

Building wealth is the same thing. You got to understand how money works and how you manage your money.

A lot of people focuses on saving money, rich people focuses on investing money. Investing money is like you watering the plants to grow. When you invest, you make more money and become wealthier. Depends how you invest your money to build wealth, you can invest money for your future and you can get the money saved up.

The more you save, the poorer your going to get, a lot of people thinks saving money is the way to make money. The more you save, the money will not grow, it will stay like it is. You might spend on other things such as buying a new car, moving out and having a family and your not going to have enough money to left to spend all that important things in your life.

You got to find a save way to make money to help you build wealth. If your serious about making money and not working in a day job that you hate, you got to develop a skill, learn a high income skill or sign up for affiliate marketing and learn how to make money online.

Making money online is the best way to build wealth but you got to take some risk in order to become successful and achieving your goals. You don’t need any experience to be an entrepreneur, anyone can do it.

Leverage the time for money (relaxed & make money)

We all wish we can make money without hard working. Is there a secret way of making money? There’s no quick or secret way to make money, you got to work very hard to make money but work hard in the smart way. Working hard in your job, being a good employee is not going to make you successful. They pay you the hours or salary that you work, they don’t pay you how good you work. The employer doesn’t really care about how hard you work, they just care about their own business, don’t really care much about their employees.

You can leverage your time with money by getting paid by recurring, getting paid while your asleep and on holiday. If you set up your own online business, you can leverage your time for money. Making money while your having fun, spending time with families and more freedom.

There’s a lot to learn if you want to learn to make money while your not working. It’s a good way of making money by leveraging.

We all want to relaxed at home, put your feet up on the table while watching TV and making money at the same time. It’s a good way of making money without hard work. You are working in a way but your working for yourself.

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